Gifts and Grants Distinction

Gifts and Grants


Whether a contribution qualifies as a gift or grant will determine whether it can be placed in an IU Foundation account, IU contracts and grants account, or IU account. To make this process as streamlined as possible, it is best to consult with the offices of Corporate Relations and Foundation Relations and IUF Account Administration prior to submitting a proposal for funding. Per the University's Important Notice, the term “grant” does not automatically mean that the funds must be deposited into a contracts and grants account. Also note that depending on donor requirements, even those contributions called gifts must sometimes be deposited into IU University or IU contracts and grants accounts.

As every constituent situation is unique, determining the proper placement of the funds will require review by IUF Account Administration, Offices of Corporate Relations and Foundation Relations, and the IU Office of Research Administration (ORA).

Please note: Per IRS regulations, in-kind gifts such as legal, accounting, and design services can only receive recognition (i.e., constituent system) credit, not tax credit.

The ORA will assist with grants/contracts that need to be deposited into an IU contracts and grants account. ORA requires completion of an Electronic Research Administration (ERA) routing form for all monies processed as a contract or grant.

Note: IUF Account Administration makes the final determination on whether or not the IUF may accept funds.

If you have questions with respect to a specific grant, contact Office of Foundation Relations: 317-278-5676

Gift Agreements with Corporations and Foundations

Many corporations and foundations will require a gift agreement in order to provide funds to a school/site. Please note that IUF policy does not allow use of external gift agreements.

IUF Account Administration and CFR staff will work with the school/site to create an IUF gift agreement for a new account or donor intent agreement for an existing account that will be signed by the constituent and pertinent IU and IUF staff.